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Slide & Transfer Sheets

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  • LOCOMOTOR Ultra Slide Sheets
    LOCOMOTOR Ultra Slide Sheets

    The ULTRA range of slide sheets allows three basic patient handling tasks without the need to lift and without the risk of sheering to the patient's skin. All products are supplied with an instruction leaflet. All reusable...

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  • LOCOMOTOR Quilted Uni Slides
    LOCOMOTOR Quilted Uni Slides

    Available in two sizes, the Uni Slide prevents patients from sliding down in a chair or in a bed.  The Uni Slide allows a one directional slide (back into a chair or up in a bed) then locks, preventing the patient...

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  • LOCOMOTOR Flat Sheets
    LOCOMOTOR Flat Sheets

    Developed as an alternative to using tubular slide sheets, the Flat Sheet incorporates a number of handholds, which allows a positive grip when carrying out a patient handling task.  The Flat Sheet can be used singly or...

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  • LOCOMOTOR Quilted Flat Uni Slides
    LOCOMOTOR Quilted Flat Uni Slides

    Developed as an alternative to the tubular Uni Slides, the quilted Flat Uni Slide is available in two sizes and incorporates a series of handholds which allows a positive grip when carrying out a patient handling task.

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  • LOCOMOTOR Lateral Transfer Slide
    LOCOMOTOR Lateral Transfer Slide

    The Lateral Transfer Slide has a smooth surface and non-slip base allowing a patient to be moved from one surface to another without the need to be lifted. Used in conjunction with the Transfer Sheet, correct posture during...

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  • LOCOMOTOR Quilted Slide Sheets
    LOCOMOTOR Quilted Slide Sheets

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  • LOCOMOTOR Transfer Sheet
    LOCOMOTOR Transfer Sheet

    A full body-length sheet with six long handholds which can be used with the Maxi Mover or a bridging board to aid sliding transfers between two surfaces.  The long handholds eliminate the need to bend and stretch to...

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  • LOCOMOTOR Deluxe Transfer Sheet
    LOCOMOTOR Deluxe Transfer Sheet

    Used in the same way as the Transfer Sheet, the Deluxe Transfer Sheet incorporates a series of extra handholds which allows for more precise positioning of a patient during a transfer. The extra handholds also increase...

    £34.57 Add To Cart

    Over the last 15 years, slide sheets have become invaluable for repositioning a patient in bed without the neet to lift, significantly reducing the risk of back injuries in staff carrying out patient handling tasks. With the...

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Questions & Phone Orders

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