Limbo Waterproof Cast Protectors - For Showers AND Baths!

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  • Limbo Waterproof Cast Protectors - For Showers AND Baths!
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Waterproof protector for adults with cast or dressings on the hand or fingers.The seal grips on the forearm,below the elbow. Suitable for bath or shower.

The LimbO is a self-sealing, self supporting garment which prevents penetration of water to plaster casts or to wound dressings on arms or legs during bathing.

It is simple and comfortable to use. The LimbO is reusable and willlast through the average users duration of treatment. It is latex-free.The LimbO provides a significant quality of life improvement for the user. Itis a non sterile product and is primarily intended for use in a bath or shower.

Major applications: During Orthopaedic,Wound Care treatment and situations where a patient has a cast or dressing on a limb and is thus prevented from bathing or showering.

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