VAT Exemption

Can I purchase VAT Exempt?

  • The answer is yes, so long as either yourself, or the person you are purchasing the goods for are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the goods are for personal/domestic use only.
  • Charities are also exempt from paying VAT, and can do so by simply entering their charity number into the 'Disability / Condition' field of our VAT exemption form. This number will be quickly verified by us before dispatch of your order

Who can't purchase VAT Exempt?

  • If the person the goods are intended for does not have any specific long-term medical conditions, by law they must purchase (and proceed through checkout) without applying for VAT exemption. If you have a short-term injury, or simply use the term 'old age', this would not make you eligible.
  • Any organization that does not have a registered charity number (such as businesses) are also not exempt from paying VAT.