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In the currrent market, many disabled and elderly customers (or their relatives) are faced with a choice: Either spend a huge amount of money with a pushy in-home salesman / high street mobility shop, or take a risk with a much cheaper online seller who may not care for the customer once they have taken their money.

We are committed to bucking this trend and giving our customers an alternative option. We have built our business to combine low prices with the same level of pre-sales advice, after-sales repairs, and maintainence that you would expect from your local mobility workshop.

While our prices are not rock-bottom, we believe that the level of product support we are able to give both before and after the sale offers the best peace of mind, and inevitably the best value for money for our customers. We are also one of the few companies that proudly displays independent reviews on our website from every sale, which showcases our commitment to supporting our customers.

Please click on the product types below to view the official warranty policy for each
Like a car, mobility products are complex machines (both mechanically and electrically) that become a lifeline for our customers and as such, we have developed a specialised support system to manage our scooter warranties, included with every order that we believe is the best in the industry.

We take care of the parts and labour for any warranty issues and if we can't fix it at your home, we'll take it back for workshop repair and replace it if the fault cannot be rectified. Our engineers are professional, experienced and local (we cover the entire UK, including Ireland).

You can also extend this warranty for up to 5 years, ensuring that you are fully covered against the cost of parts, labour, and call-out charges, even after the 1 or 2 year original manufacturer's warranty has run out.
We endeavour to only sell from a select range of the most reliable manufacturers and as such, the failure rate on our furniture products is incredibly low. We therefore give our customers two options regarding warranty:

1) Free 1yr: The base warranty covers the parts, labour and call-out charges for 1 year (excluding the labour, normally the main moving parts are covered for several more years - check the product manual or ask us for details).

2) Premium Warranty (£60.00) This paid option upgrades your warranty to include free home engineer visits if any repairs are needed, ensuring no cost whatsoever to the customer if anything goes wrong. The cover lasts for 1 year on manufacturing defects, and also covers the product against structural defects, accidental damage and staining for 5 years.
All of our other products carry a minimum 1 year warranty. We pride ourselves on being extremely accommodating with warranty claims, and endeavour to keep our customers happy at all times. If we cannot economically repair a product within it's warranty period, we will replace it. Outside of warranty, we also will help out where we can and maintain our customer-first ethos to the best of our ability.
The following are not covered by any of our warranties:
1) Carriage costs to and from our head offices where an item is found to not be faulty - Where a product cannot be found to be faulty by our field engineers, and/or the customer requests a final inspection at our head office, we reserve the right to charge the customer a carriage deposit to and from their premises up to the value of £100. This purely covers our carriage costs. If a genuine fault is found with the product, this deposit will be fully refunded.

2) Perishable (wear and tear) components on mobility products, such as getting a puncture.

3) Damage caused by the user such as scrapes, damage from liquids

4) Batteries: The max warranty on mobility batteries is 1 year and is only effective if the batteries have been treated properly as per the instructions that came with your product.

5) Taking your equipment outside the UK. Unfortunately at the moment, we are only UK-Based and cannot extend any engineer services, whether paid for, or included in your warranty outside of the English, Welsh and Scottish Mainland

6) Any mobility product suffering loss or damage occurring whilst in the possession or control of airport authorities, airlines, baggage handlers or whilst on an aircraft.

For business customers, we will uphold the warranty terms stated or selected on any of our products, so long as the products are not rented by the customer to additional persons or parties, whether for free, or for a fee.

Any equipment that is rented or loaned out by our customers without prior authorisation from ourselves becomes the customer's responsibility to repair and maintain, with all warranty becoming void (although parts can still be returned for a credit if found to be faulty).

For care homes and institutions, normal use of equipment within a care environment setting is acceptable, so long as the residents are under the direct care of the purchasing organisation.